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Keeping Track

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2.2.4 Submitting a Problem Report via direct e-mail

In addition to using send-pr, there is another way to submit a problem report. You can simply send an e-mail message to the PR submission e-mail address of the support site (This address should be published by the support site.)

When you send unformatted e-mail to this address, GNATS processes the message as a new problem report, filling in as many fields from defaults as it can:

The Synopsis field is filled in by the Subject header of the e-mail message.

Submitter ID
GNATS will try to derive the Submitter field from the address in the From header of the e-mail.

All of the text in the body of the e-mail message is put into the Description field.

Other fields, such as Category, Version, Severity, etc. are set to default values as defined by the GNATS administrator.

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