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Keeping Track

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C.5 Privileged gnatsd commands

Every gnatsd command has a minimum access level attached to it. If your access level is too low for a command, you get this response:

  LOCK 12
  422 You are not authorized to perform this operation (LOCK).

The commands CHDB, USER and QUIT are unrestricted.

The DBLS command requires at least listdb access.

A user must have at least edit access for these commands:

lock the main GNATS database.

unlock the main GNATS database.

LOCK PR user pid
lock PR for user and optional pid and return PR text.

unlock PR.

check in edited PR.

APPN PR field, REPL PR field
Appends to or replaces the contents of field in PR.

The DELETE PR command is special in that it requires admin access.

All other commands require view access.

edit-pr and query-pr accept the command line arguments -v|--user and -w|--passwd. See section The GNATS User Tools.

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