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GNU MP 4.1.2

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Jacobi symbol functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions

Kronecker symbol functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions

Latest version of GMP1. Introduction to GNU MP
Least common multiple functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions
Libraries3.1 Headers and Libraries
Libtool versioning2.3 Notes for Package Builds
License conditionsGNU MP Copying Conditions
Limb3.2 Nomenclature and Types
Limb size3.8 Useful Macros and Constants
Linking3.1 Headers and Libraries
Logical functions5.11 Logical and Bit Manipulation Functions
Low-level functions8. Low-level Functions
Lucas number functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions

Mailing lists1. Introduction to GNU MP
Memory allocation14. Custom Allocation
Memory Management3.6 Memory Management
Miscellaneous float functions7.8 Miscellaneous Functions
Miscellaneous integer functions5.15 Miscellaneous Functions
Modular inverse functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions
`mp.h'13. Berkeley MP Compatible Functions
MPFR2.1 Build Options
mpfrxx.h12.5 C++ Interface MPFR
Multi-threading3.7 Reentrancy
Multiplication algorithms16.1 Multiplication

Nails8.1 Nails
Nomenclature3.2 Nomenclature and Types
Number theoretic functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions
Numerator and denominator6.5 Applying Integer Functions to Rationals

ostream output10.3 C++ Formatted Output
Output functions5.12 Input and Output Functions
Output functions6.6 Input and Output Functions
Output functions7.7 Input and Output Functions

Packaged builds2.3 Notes for Package Builds
Parameter conventions3.5 Parameter Conventions
Particular systems2.4 Notes for Particular Systems
perl3.10 Demonstration programs
Powering algorithms16.4 Powering Algorithms
Powering functions5.7 Exponentiation Functions
Powering functions7.5 Arithmetic Functions
Precision of floats7. Floating-point Functions
Prime testing functions5.9 Number Theoretic Functions
printf formatted output10. Formatted Output
Profiling3.13 Profiling

Radix conversion algorithms16.6 Radix Conversion
Random number functions5.13 Random Number Functions
Random number functions9. Random Number Functions
Random number seeding9.2 Random State Seeding
Random number state9.1 Random State Initialization
Rational arithmetic functions6.3 Arithmetic Functions
Rational comparison functions6.4 Comparison Functions
Rational conversion functions6.2 Conversion Functions
Rational init and assign6.1 Initialization and Assignment Functions
Rational input and output functions6.6 Input and Output Functions
Rational number3.2 Nomenclature and Types
Rational number functions6. Rational Number Functions
Rational numerator and denominator6.5 Applying Integer Functions to Rationals
Rational sign tests6.4 Comparison Functions
Reentrancy3.7 Reentrancy
ReferencesB. References
Reporting bugs4. Reporting Bugs
Root extraction algorithms16.5 Root Extraction Algorithms
Root extraction functions5.8 Root Extraction Functions
Root extraction functions7.5 Arithmetic Functions

Sample programs3.10 Demonstration programs
scanf formatted input11. Formatted Input
Shared library versioning2.3 Notes for Package Builds
Sign tests5.10 Comparison Functions
Sign tests6.4 Comparison Functions
Sign tests7.6 Comparison Functions
Sparc2.4 Notes for Particular Systems
Stack overflow segfaults2.1 Build Options
Stripped libraries2.5 Known Build Problems
Systems2.4 Notes for Particular Systems

Thread safety3.7 Reentrancy
Types3.2 Nomenclature and Types

Upward compatibility3.9 Compatibility with older versions
Useful macros and constants3.8 Useful Macros and Constants
User-defined precision7. Floating-point Functions

Variable conventions3.4 Variable Conventions
Version number3.8 Useful Macros and Constants

Web page1. Introduction to GNU MP

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