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The GNU C Library

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Program and File Index

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Index Entry Section

-lbsd-compat1.3.4 Feature Test Macros
-lbsd-compat27.7.2 Process Group Functions

/etc/group29.14 Group Database
/etc/hosts16.6.2.4 Host Names
/etc/localtime21.4.7 Specifying the Time Zone with TZ
/etc/networks16.13 Networks Database
/etc/passwd29.13 User Database
/etc/protocols16.6.6 Protocols Database
/etc/services16.6.4 The Services Database
/share/lib/zoneinfo21.4.7 Specifying the Time Zone with TZ

argp.h25.3 Parsing Program Options with Argp
argz.h5.12.1 Argz Functions
arpa/inet.h16.6.2.3 Host Address Functions
assert.hA.1 Explicitly Checking Internal Consistency

bsd-compat1.3.4 Feature Test Macros
bsd-compat27.7.2 Process Group Functions

cd14.1 Working Directory
chgrp14.9.4 File Owner
chown14.9.4 File Owner
complex.h19. Mathematics
complex.h20.9 Complex Numbers
complex.h20.10 Projections, Conjugates, and Decomposing of Complex Numbers
ctype.h4. Character Handling
ctype.h4.1 Classification of Characters
ctype.h4.2 Case Conversion

dirent.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
dirent.h14.2.1 Format of a Directory Entry
dirent.h14.2.2 Opening a Directory Stream
dirent.h14.2.3 Reading and Closing a Directory Stream
dirent.h14.2.5 Random Access in a Directory Stream

envz.h5.12.2 Envz Functions
errno.h2. Error Reporting
errno.h2.1 Checking for Errors
errno.h2.1 Checking for Errors
errno.h2.2 Error Codes
execinfo.h33.1 Backtraces

fcntl.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
fcntl.h13.1 Opening and Closing Files
fcntl.h13.11 Control Operations on Files
fcntl.h13.12 Duplicating Descriptors
fcntl.h13.13 File Descriptor Flags
fcntl.h13.14 File Status Flags
fcntl.h13.15 File Locks
fcntl.h13.16 Interrupt-Driven Input
float.hA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
fnmatch.h10.1 Wildcard Matching

gcc1.2.1 ISO C
gconv.h6.5.4.3 iconv module data structures
grp.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
grp.h29.7 Setting the Group IDs
grp.h29.7 Setting the Group IDs
grp.h29.14.1 The Data Structure for a Group

hostid30.1 Host Identification
hostname30.1 Host Identification

iconv.h6.5.1 Generic Character Set Conversion Interface
iconv.h6.5.1 Generic Character Set Conversion Interface
iconv.h6.5.1 Generic Character Set Conversion Interface

kill24.2.2 Termination Signals
ksh10.1 Wildcard Matching

langinfo.h7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
limits.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
limits.h6.3.1 Selecting the conversion and its properties
limits.h31.1 General Capacity Limits
limits.h31.6 Limits on File System Capacity
limits.hA.5.1 Computing the Width of an Integer Data Type
locale7.4 How Programs Set the Locale
locale.h7.4 How Programs Set the Locale
locale.h7.6.1 localeconv: It is portable but ...
localtime21.4.7 Specifying the Time Zone with TZ
ls14.9 File Attributes

malloc.h3.2.2.8 Malloc Tunable Parameters
malloc.h3.2.2.10 Memory Allocation Hooks
malloc.h3.2.2.11 Statistics for Memory Allocation with malloc
math.h19. Mathematics
math.h20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
math.h20.8.1 Absolute Value
math.h20.8.2 Normalization Functions
math.h20.8.3 Rounding Functions
mcheck.h3.2.2.9 Heap Consistency Checking
mkdir14.8 Creating Directories

netdb.h16.6.2.4 Host Names
netdb.h16.6.4 The Services Database
netdb.h16.6.6 Protocols Database
netdb.h16.13 Networks Database
netinet/in.h16.6.1 Internet Socket Address Formats
netinet/in.h16.6.2.2 Host Address Data Type
netinet/in.h16.6.3 Internet Ports
netinet/in.h16.6.5 Byte Order Conversion

obstack.h3.2.4.1 Creating Obstacks

printf.h12.13.1 Registering New Conversions
printf.h12.13.2 Conversion Specifier Options
pwd.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
pwd.h29.13.1 The Data Structure that Describes a User

setjmp.h23.2 Details of Non-Local Exits
setjmp.h23.3 Non-Local Exits and Signals
sh26.1 Running a Command
signal.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
signal.h24.2 Standard Signals
signal.h24.3.1 Basic Signal Handling
signal.h24.3.2 Advanced Signal Handling
signal.h24.3.5 Flags for sigaction
signal.h24.6.1 Signaling Yourself
signal.h24.6.2 Signaling Another Process
signal.h24.7.2 Signal Sets
signal.h24.7.3 Process Signal Mask
signal.h24.7.6 Checking for Pending Signals
signal.h24.10 BSD Signal Handling
stdarg.hA.2.2.2 Receiving the Argument Values
stdarg.hA.2.2.5 Argument Access Macros
stddef.hA.4 Important Data Types
stdint.h20.1 Integers
stdio.h12.1 Streams
stdio.h12.2 Standard Streams
stdio.h12.3 Opening Streams
stdio.h12.7 Simple Output by Characters or Lines
stdio.h12.8 Character Input
stdio.h12.11 Block Input/Output
stdio.h12.12.7 Formatted Output Functions
stdio.h12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
stdio.h12.14.8 Formatted Input Functions
stdio.h12.18 File Positioning
stdio.h12.19 Portable File-Position Functions
stdio.h12.20.2 Flushing Buffers
stdio.h12.20.3 Controlling Which Kind of Buffering
stdio.h12.21.1 String Streams
stdio.h12.21.3.1 Custom Streams and Cookies
stdio.h13.4 Descriptors and Streams
stdio.h14.6 Deleting Files
stdio.h14.11 Temporary Files
stdio.h24.2.8 Signal Messages
stdio.h27.7.1 Identifying the Controlling Terminal
stdio.h29.11 Identifying Who Logged In
stdlib.h3.2.2.1 Basic Memory Allocation
stdlib.h3.2.2.3 Freeing Memory Allocated with malloc
stdlib.h3.2.2.4 Changing the Size of a Block
stdlib.h3.2.2.5 Allocating Cleared Space
stdlib.h3.2.2.7 Allocating Aligned Memory Blocks
stdlib.h3.2.5 Automatic Storage with Variable Size
stdlib.h6.3.1 Selecting the conversion and its properties
stdlib.h6.4.1 Non-reentrant Conversion of Single Characters
stdlib.h9.2 Array Search Function
stdlib.h9.3 Array Sort Function
stdlib.h17.8.1 Allocating Pseudo-Terminals
stdlib.h19.8.1 ISO C Random Number Functions
stdlib.h19.8.2 BSD Random Number Functions
stdlib.h19.8.3 SVID Random Number Function
stdlib.h20.2 Integer Division
stdlib.h20.8.1 Absolute Value
stdlib.h20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
stdlib.h20.11.2 Parsing of Floats
stdlib.h25.4.1 Environment Access
stdlib.h25.6.2 Exit Status
stdlib.h25.6.4 Aborting a Program
stdlib.h26.1 Running a Command
string.h5.3 String Length
string.h5.4 Copying and Concatenation
string.h5.5 String/Array Comparison
string.h5.6 Collation Functions
string.h5.7 Search Functions
string.h5.8 Finding Tokens in a String
string.h5.10 Trivial Encryption
string.h24.2.8 Signal Messages
sys/param.h30.1 Host Identification
sys/resource.h22.1 Resource Usage
sys/resource.h22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
sys/resource.h22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
sys/socket.h16.2 Communication Styles
sys/socket.h16.3.1 Address Formats
sys/socket.h16.3.2 Setting the Address of a Socket
sys/socket.h16.3.3 Reading the Address of a Socket
sys/socket.h16.5.2 Details of Local Namespace
sys/socket.h16.6 The Internet Namespace
sys/socket.h16.8.1 Creating a Socket
sys/socket.h16.8.2 Closing a Socket
sys/socket.h16.8.3 Socket Pairs
sys/socket.h16.9.5.1 Sending Data
sys/socket.h16.9.5.2 Receiving Data
sys/socket.h16.9.5.3 Socket Data Options
sys/socket.h16.10.1 Sending Datagrams
sys/socket.h16.12.1 Socket Option Functions
sys/socket.h16.12.2 Socket-Level Options
sys/stat.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
sys/stat.h14.8 Creating Directories
sys/stat.h14.9.1 The meaning of the File Attributes
sys/stat.h14.9.3 Testing the Type of a File
sys/stat.h14.9.5 The Mode Bits for Access Permission
sys/stat.h14.9.7 Assigning File Permissions
sys/stat.h14.10 Making Special Files
sys/stat.h15.3 FIFO Special Files
sys/time.h14.9.9 File Times
sys/time.h21.4.2 High-Resolution Calendar
sys/time.h21.5 Setting an Alarm
sys/times.h1.3.3 Reserved Names
sys/times.h21.3.2 Processor Time Inquiry
sys/timex.h21.4.4 High Accuracy Clock
sys/types.h13.8 Waiting for Input or Output
sys/types.h26.3 Process Identification
sys/types.h27.7.2 Process Group Functions
sys/types.h27.7.3 Functions for Controlling Terminal Access
sys/types.h29.5 Reading the Persona of a Process
sys/types.h29.6 Setting the User ID
sys/types.h29.7 Setting the Group IDs
sys/un.h16.5.2 Details of Local Namespace
sys/utsname.h30.2 Platform Type Identification
sys/vlimit.h22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
sys/vtimes.h22.1 Resource Usage
sys/wait.h26.6 Process Completion
sys/wait.h26.7 Process Completion Status
sys/wait.h26.8 BSD Process Wait Functions

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