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The GNU C Library

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/etc/hostname30.1 Host Identification
`/etc/nsswitch.conf'28.2 The NSS Configuration File

4.n BSD Unix1.2.3 Berkeley Unix

__va_copy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
_POSIX_OPTION_ORDER environment variable.25.4.2 Standard Environment Variables
_POSIX_SAVED_IDS29.4 How an Application Can Change Persona

abort signal24.2.1 Program Error Signals
aborting a program25.6.4 Aborting a Program
absolute file name11.2.2 File Name Resolution
absolute priority22.3.1 Absolute Priority
absolute value functions20.8.1 Absolute Value
accepting connections16.9.3 Accepting Connections
access permission for a file14.9.6 How Your Access to a File is Decided
access, testing for14.9.8 Testing Permission to Access a File
accessing directories14.2 Accessing Directories
address of socket16.3 Socket Addresses
address space22.4.1 Overview about traditional Unix memory handling
address space25. The Basic Program/System Interface
alarm signal24.2.3 Alarm Signals
alarms, setting21.5 Setting an Alarm
alignment (in obstacks) Alignment of Data in Obstacks
alignment (with malloc) Allocating Aligned Memory Blocks
alloca disadvantages3.2.5.3 Disadvantages of alloca
alloca function3.2.5 Automatic Storage with Variable Size
allocating pseudo-terminals17.8.1 Allocating Pseudo-Terminals
allocation (obstacks) Allocation in an Obstack
allocation debugging3.2.3 Allocation Debugging
allocation hooks, for malloc3.2.2.10 Memory Allocation Hooks
allocation of memory with malloc3.2.2.1 Basic Memory Allocation
allocation size of string5.1 Representation of Strings
allocation statistics3.2.2.11 Statistics for Memory Allocation with malloc
alphabetic character4.1 Classification of Characters
alphabetic character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
alphanumeric character4.1 Classification of Characters
alphanumeric character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
append-access files11.1.2 File Position
argc (program argument count)25.1 Program Arguments
argp (program argument parser)25.3 Parsing Program Options with Argp
argp parser functions25.3.5 Argp Parser Functions
ARGP_HELP_FMT environment variable25.3.12 Argp User Customization
argument parsing with argp25.3 Parsing Program Options with Argp
argument promotionA.2.2.4 Calling Variadic Functions
argument vectors, null-character separated5.12 Argz and Envz Vectors
arguments (variadic functions)A.2.2.2 Receiving the Argument Values
arguments, how manyA.2.2.3 How Many Arguments Were Supplied
arguments, to program25.1 Program Arguments
argv (program argument vector)25.1 Program Arguments
argz vectors (string vectors)5.12 Argz and Envz Vectors
arithmetic expansion10.4.1 The Stages of Word Expansion
array comparison functions5.5 String/Array Comparison
array copy functions5.4 Copying and Concatenation
array search function9.2 Array Search Function
array sort function9.3 Array Sort Function
ASCII character4.1 Classification of Characters
assertionsA.1 Explicitly Checking Internal Consistency
attributes of a file14.9.1 The meaning of the File Attributes
automatic freeing3.2.5 Automatic Storage with Variable Size
automatic memory allocation3.2.1 Memory Allocation in C Programs
automatic storage class3.2.1 Memory Allocation in C Programs
automatic storage with variable size3.2.5 Automatic Storage with Variable Size

background job27.1 Concepts of Job Control
background job, launching27.6.4 Foreground and Background
backtrace33.1 Backtraces
backtrace_fd33.1 Backtraces
backtrace_symbols33.1 Backtraces
base (of floating point number)A.5.3.1 Floating Point Representation Concepts
baud rate17.4.8 Line Speed
Berkeley Unix1.2.3 Berkeley Unix
Bessel functions19.6 Special Functions
bias (of floating point number exponent)A.5.3.1 Floating Point Representation Concepts
big-endian16.6.5 Byte Order Conversion
binary I/O to a stream12.11 Block Input/Output
binary search function (for arrays)9.2 Array Search Function
binary stream12.17 Text and Binary Streams
binding a socket address16.3 Socket Addresses
blank character4.1 Classification of Characters
blank character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
block I/O to a stream12.11 Block Input/Output
blocked signals24.1.3 How Signals Are Delivered
blocked signals, checking for24.7.6 Checking for Pending Signals
blocking signals24.7 Blocking Signals
blocking signals, in a handler24.7.5 Blocking Signals for a Handler
bootstrapping, and services28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
break condition, detecting17.4.4 Input Modes
break condition, generating17.6 Line Control Functions
breaking a string into tokens5.8 Finding Tokens in a String
broken pipe signal24.2.6 Operation Error Signals
broken-down time21.4 Calendar Time
broken-down time21.4.3 Broken-down Time
BSD compatibility library27.7.2 Process Group Functions
BSD compatibility library.1.3.4 Feature Test Macros
BSD Unix1.2.3 Berkeley Unix
buffering of streams12.20 Stream Buffering
buffering, controlling12.20.3 Controlling Which Kind of Buffering
bugs, reportingC.6 Reporting Bugs
bus error24.2.1 Program Error Signals
butterfly20.8.7 Miscellaneous FP arithmetic functions
byte order conversion, for socket16.6.5 Byte Order Conversion
byte stream16.1 Socket Concepts

C++ streams12.6 Streams in Internationalized Applications
calendar time21.1 Time Basics
calendar time and broken-down time21.4.3 Broken-down Time
calendar, Gregorian21.4 Calendar Time
calling variadic functionsA.2.2.4 Calling Variadic Functions
canonical input processing17.3 Two Styles of Input: Canonical or Not
capacity limits, POSIX31.1 General Capacity Limits
carrier detect17.4.6 Control Modes
case conversion of characters4.2 Case Conversion
catching signals24.1.3 How Signals Are Delivered
categories for locales7.3 Categories of Activities that Locales Affect
change working directory14.1 Working Directory
changing the locale7.4 How Programs Set the Locale
changing the size of a block (malloc) Changing the Size of a Block
changing the size of a block (obstacks) Growing Objects
channels13.5 Dangers of Mixing Streams and Descriptors
character case conversion4.2 Case Conversion
character predicates4.1 Classification of Characters
character testing4.1 Classification of Characters
checking for pending signals24.7.6 Checking for Pending Signals
child process21.3.2 Processor Time Inquiry
child process26. Processes
child process26.2 Process Creation Concepts
child process signal24.2.5 Job Control Signals
chunks3.2.4.10 Obstack Chunks
classes, floating-point20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
classification of characters4.1 Classification of Characters
cleaning up a stream13.5.1 Linked Channels
clearing terminal input queue17.6 Line Control Functions
client16.9 Using Sockets with Connections
clock ticks21.3 Processor And CPU Time
clock, high accuracy21.4.4 High Accuracy Clock
close-on-exec (file descriptor flag)13.13 File Descriptor Flags
closing a file descriptor13.1 Opening and Closing Files
closing a socket16.8.2 Closing a Socket
closing a stream12.4 Closing Streams
collating strings5.6 Collation Functions
combining locales7.2 Choosing a Locale
command argument syntax25.1.1 Program Argument Syntax Conventions
command arguments, parsing25.1.2 Parsing Program Arguments
command line arguments25.1 Program Arguments
command substitution10.4.1 The Stages of Word Expansion
communication style (of a socket)16.1 Socket Concepts
comparing strings and arrays5.5 String/Array Comparison
Comparison Function9.1 Defining the Comparison Function
compilingC.1 Configuring and compiling GNU Libc
complex exponentiation functions19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
complex logarithm functions19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
complex numbers20.9 Complex Numbers
complex trigonometric functions19.2 Trigonometric Functions
concatenating strings5.4 Copying and Concatenation
configurations, all supportedC.4 Supported Configurations
configuringC.1 Configuring and compiling GNU Libc
conjugate complex numbers20.10 Projections, Conjugates, and Decomposing of Complex Numbers
connecting a socket16.9.1 Making a Connection
connection16.9 Using Sockets with Connections
consistency checkingA.1 Explicitly Checking Internal Consistency
consistency checking, of heap3.2.2.9 Heap Consistency Checking
constants3.1 Process Memory Concepts
constants19.1 Predefined Mathematical Constants
continue signal24.2.5 Job Control Signals
control character4.1 Classification of Characters
control character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
control operations on files13.11 Control Operations on Files
controlling process27.3 Controlling Terminal of a Process
controlling terminal27.1 Concepts of Job Control
controlling terminal, access to27.4 Access to the Controlling Terminal
controlling terminal, determining27.7.1 Identifying the Controlling Terminal
controlling terminal, setting13.14.2 Open-time Flags
conversion specifications (printf)12.12.1 Formatted Output Basics
conversion specifications (scanf)12.14.1 Formatted Input Basics
converting byte order16.6.5 Byte Order Conversion
converting case of characters4.2 Case Conversion
converting file descriptor to stream13.4 Descriptors and Streams
converting floats to integers20.8.3 Rounding Functions
converting group ID to group name29.14.2 Looking Up One Group
converting group name to group ID29.14.2 Looking Up One Group
converting host address to name16.6.2.4 Host Names
converting host name to address16.6.2.4 Host Names
converting network name to network number16.13 Networks Database
converting network number to network name16.13 Networks Database
converting port number to service name16.6.4 The Services Database
converting service name to port number16.6.4 The Services Database
converting string to collation order5.6 Collation Functions
converting strings to numbers20.11 Parsing of Numbers
converting user ID to user name29.13.2 Looking Up One User
converting user name to user ID29.13.2 Looking Up One User
cookie, for custom stream12.21.3.1 Custom Streams and Cookies
copy-on-write page fault3.4.2 Locked Memory Details
copying strings and arrays5.4 Copying and Concatenation
cpu priority22.3 Process CPU Priority And Scheduling
CPU time21.1 Time Basics
CPU time21.3 Processor And CPU Time
CPU time21.3.2 Processor Time Inquiry
create on open (file status flag)13.14.2 Open-time Flags
creating a directory14.8 Creating Directories
creating a FIFO special file15.3 FIFO Special Files
creating a pipe15.1 Creating a Pipe
creating a pipe to a subprocess15.2 Pipe to a Subprocess
creating a process26.2 Process Creation Concepts
creating a socket16.8.1 Creating a Socket
creating a socket pair16.8.3 Socket Pairs
creating special files14.10 Making Special Files
cube root function19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
currency symbols7.6.1.2 Printing the Currency Symbol
current limit22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
current working directory14.1 Working Directory
custom streams12.21.3 Programming Your Own Custom Streams
customizing printf12.13 Customizing printf

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