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The GNU C Library

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A.2.2 How Variadic Functions are Defined and Used

Defining and using a variadic function involves three steps:

A.2.2.1 Syntax for Variable Arguments  How to make a prototype for a function with variable arguments.
A.2.2.2 Receiving the Argument Values  Steps you must follow to access the optional argument values.
A.2.2.3 How Many Arguments Were Supplied  How to decide whether there are more arguments.
A.2.2.4 Calling Variadic Functions  Things you need to know about calling variable arguments functions.
A.2.2.5 Argument Access Macros  Detailed specification of the macros for accessing variable arguments.
A.2.3.1 Old-Style Variadic Functions  The pre-ISO way of defining variadic functions.

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