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The GNU C Library

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31. System Configuration Parameters

The functions and macros listed in this chapter give information about configuration parameters of the operating system--for example, capacity limits, presence of optional POSIX features, and the default path for executable files (see section 31.12 String-Valued Parameters).

31.1 General Capacity Limits  Constants and functions that describe various process-related limits that have one uniform value for any given machine.
31.2 Overall System Options  Optional POSIX features.
31.3 Which Version of POSIX is Supported  Version numbers of POSIX.1 and POSIX.2.
31.4 Using sysconf  Getting specific configuration values of general limits and system options.
31.5 Minimum Values for General Capacity Limits  Minimum values for general limits.

31.6 Limits on File System Capacity  Size limitations that pertain to individual files. These can vary between file systems or even from file to file.
31.7 Optional Features in File Support  Optional features that some files may support.
31.8 Minimum Values for File System Limits  Minimum values for file limits.
31.9 Using pathconf  Getting the limit values for a particular file.

31.10 Utility Program Capacity Limits  Capacity limits of some POSIX.2 utility programs.
31.11 Minimum Values for Utility Limits  Minimum allowable values of those limits.

31.12 String-Valued Parameters  Getting the default search path.

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