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The GNU C Library

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24.3 Specifying Signal Actions

The simplest way to change the action for a signal is to use the signal function. You can specify a built-in action (such as to ignore the signal), or you can establish a handler.

The GNU library also implements the more versatile sigaction facility. This section describes both facilities and gives suggestions on which to use when.

24.3.1 Basic Signal Handling  The simple signal function.
24.3.2 Advanced Signal Handling  The more powerful sigaction function.
24.3.3 Interaction of signal and sigaction  How those two functions interact.
24.3.4 sigaction Function Example  An example of using the sigaction function.
24.3.5 Flags for sigaction  Specifying options for signal handling.
24.3.6 Initial Signal Actions  How programs inherit signal actions.

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