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The GNU C Library

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20.8 Arithmetic Functions

The C library provides functions to do basic operations on floating-point numbers. These include absolute value, maximum and minimum, normalization, bit twiddling, rounding, and a few others.

20.8.1 Absolute Value  Absolute values of integers and floats.
20.8.2 Normalization Functions  Extracting exponents and putting them back.
20.8.3 Rounding Functions  Rounding floats to integers.
20.8.4 Remainder Functions  Remainders on division, precisely defined.
20.8.5 Setting and modifying single bits of FP values  Sign bit adjustment. Adding epsilon.
20.8.6 Floating-Point Comparison Functions  Comparisons without risk of exceptions.
20.8.7 Miscellaneous FP arithmetic functions  Max, min, positive difference, multiply-add.

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