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The GNU C Library

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20. Arithmetic Functions

This chapter contains information about functions for doing basic arithmetic operations, such as splitting a float into its integer and fractional parts or retrieving the imaginary part of a complex value. These functions are declared in the header files `math.h' and `complex.h'.

20.1 Integers  Basic integer types and concepts
20.2 Integer Division  Integer division with guaranteed rounding.
20.3 Floating Point Numbers  Basic concepts. IEEE 754.
20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions  The five kinds of floating-point number.
20.5 Errors in Floating-Point Calculations  When something goes wrong in a calculation.
20.6 Rounding Modes  Controlling how results are rounded.
20.7 Floating-Point Control Functions  Saving and restoring the FPU's state.
20.8 Arithmetic Functions  Fundamental operations provided by the library.
20.9 Complex Numbers  The types. Writing complex constants.
20.10 Projections, Conjugates, and Decomposing of Complex Numbers  Projection, conjugation, decomposition.
20.11 Parsing of Numbers  Converting strings to numbers.
20.12 Old-fashioned System V number-to-string functions  An archaic way to convert numbers to strings.

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