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The GNU C Library

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18.2 Submitting Syslog Messages

The GNU C library provides functions to submit messages to the Syslog facility:

18.2.1 openlog  Open connection to Syslog
18.2.2 syslog, vsyslog  Submit message to Syslog
18.2.3 closelog  Close connection to Syslog
18.2.4 setlogmask  Cause certain messages to be ignored
18.2.5 Syslog Example  Example of all of the above

These functions only work to submit messages to the Syslog facility on the same system. To submit a message to the Syslog facility on another system, use the socket I/O functions to write a UDP datagram to the syslog UDP port on that system. See section 16. Sockets.

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