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The GNU C Library

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17.4 Terminal Modes

This section describes the various terminal attributes that control how input and output are done. The functions, data structures, and symbolic constants are all declared in the header file `termios.h'.

Don't confuse terminal attributes with file attributes. A device special file which is associated with a terminal has file attributes as described in 14.9 File Attributes. These are unrelated to the attributes of the terminal device itself, which are discussed in this section.

17.4.1 Terminal Mode Data Types  The data type struct termios and related types.
17.4.2 Terminal Mode Functions  Functions to read and set the terminal attributes.
17.4.3 Setting Terminal Modes Properly  The right way to set terminal attributes reliably.
17.4.4 Input Modes  Flags controlling low-level input handling.
17.4.5 Output Modes  Flags controlling low-level output handling.
17.4.6 Control Modes  Flags controlling serial port behavior.
17.4.7 Local Modes  Flags controlling high-level input handling.
17.4.8 Line Speed  How to read and set the terminal line speed.
17.4.9 Special Characters  Characters that have special effects, and how to change them.
17.4.10 Noncanonical Input  Controlling how long to wait for input.

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