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The GNU C Library

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16.9 Using Sockets with Connections

The most common communication styles involve making a connection to a particular other socket, and then exchanging data with that socket over and over. Making a connection is asymmetric; one side (the client) acts to request a connection, while the other side (the server) makes a socket and waits for the connection request.

16.9.1 Making a Connection  What the client program must do.
16.9.2 Listening for Connections  How a server program waits for requests.
16.9.3 Accepting Connections  What the server does when it gets a request.
16.9.4 Who is Connected to Me?  Getting the address of the other side of a connection.
16.9.5 Transferring Data  How to send and receive data.
16.9.6 Byte Stream Socket Example  An example program: a client for communicating over a byte stream socket in the Internet namespace.
16.9.7 Byte Stream Connection Server Example  A corresponding server program.
16.9.8 Out-of-Band Data  This is an advanced feature.

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