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The GNU C Library

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14.9 File Attributes

When you issue an `ls -l' shell command on a file, it gives you information about the size of the file, who owns it, when it was last modified, etc. These are called the file attributes, and are associated with the file itself and not a particular one of its names.

This section contains information about how you can inquire about and modify the attributes of a file.

14.9.1 The meaning of the File Attributes  The names of the file attributes, and what their values mean.
14.9.2 Reading the Attributes of a File  How to read the attributes of a file.
14.9.3 Testing the Type of a File  Distinguishing ordinary files, directories, links...
14.9.4 File Owner  How ownership for new files is determined, and how to change it.
14.9.5 The Mode Bits for Access Permission  How information about a file's access mode is stored.
14.9.6 How Your Access to a File is Decided  How the system decides who can access a file.
14.9.7 Assigning File Permissions  How permissions for new files are assigned, and how to change them.
14.9.8 Testing Permission to Access a File  How to find out if your process can access a file.
14.9.9 File Times  About the time attributes of a file.
14.9.10 File Size  Manually changing the size of a file.

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