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The GNU C Library

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13.14 File Status Flags

File status flags are used to specify attributes of the opening of a file. Unlike the file descriptor flags discussed in 13.13 File Descriptor Flags, the file status flags are shared by duplicated file descriptors resulting from a single opening of the file. The file status flags are specified with the flags argument to open; see section 13.1 Opening and Closing Files.

File status flags fall into three categories, which are described in the following sections.

The symbols in this section are defined in the header file `fcntl.h'.

13.14.1 File Access Modes  Whether the descriptor can read or write.
13.14.2 Open-time Flags  Details of open.
13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes  Special modes to control I/O operations.
13.14.4 Getting and Setting File Status Flags  Fetching and changing these flags.

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