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The GNU C Library

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12.14 Formatted Input

The functions described in this section (scanf and related functions) provide facilities for formatted input analogous to the formatted output facilities. These functions provide a mechanism for reading arbitrary values under the control of a format string or template string.

12.14.1 Formatted Input Basics  Some basics to get you started.
12.14.2 Input Conversion Syntax  Syntax of conversion specifications.
12.14.3 Table of Input Conversions  Summary of input conversions and what they do.
12.14.4 Numeric Input Conversions  Details of conversions for reading numbers.
12.14.5 String Input Conversions  Details of conversions for reading strings.
12.14.6 Dynamically Allocating String Conversions  String conversions that malloc the buffer.
12.14.7 Other Input Conversions  Details of miscellaneous other conversions.
12.14.8 Formatted Input Functions  Descriptions of the actual functions.
12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions  vscanf and friends.

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