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The GNU C Library

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8.1 X/Open Message Catalog Handling

The catgets functions are based on the simple scheme:

Associate every message to translate in the source code with a unique identifier. To retrieve a message from a catalog file solely the identifier is used.

This means for the author of the program that s/he will have to make sure the meaning of the identifier in the program code and in the message catalogs are always the same.

Before a message can be translated the catalog file must be located. The user of the program must be able to guide the responsible function to find whatever catalog the user wants. This is separated from what the programmer had in mind.

All the types, constants and functions for the catgets functions are defined/declared in the `nl_types.h' header file.

8.1.1 The catgets function family  
8.1.2 Format of the message catalog files  
8.1.3 Generate Message Catalogs files  How to generate message catalogs files which can be used by the functions.
8.1.4 How to use the catgets interface  

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