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Gforth Manual

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B.2 Pedigree

Gforth descends from bigFORTH (1993) and fig-Forth. Of course, a significant part of the design of Gforth was prescribed by ANS Forth.

Bernd Paysan wrote bigFORTH, a descendent from TurboForth, an unreleased 32 bit native code version of VolksForth for the Atari ST, written mostly by Dietrich Weineck.

VolksForth was written by Klaus Schleisiek, Bernd Pennemann, Georg Rehfeld and Dietrich Weineck for the C64 (called UltraForth there) in the mid-80s and ported to the Atari ST in 1986. It descends from F83.

Henry Laxen and Mike Perry wrote F83 as a model implementation of the Forth-83 standard. !! Pedigree? When?

A team led by Bill Ragsdale implemented fig-Forth on many processors in 1979. Robert Selzer and Bill Ragsdale developed the original implementation of fig-Forth for the 6502 based on microForth.

The principal architect of microForth was Dean Sanderson. microForth was FORTH, Inc.'s first off-the-shelf product. It was developed in 1976 for the 1802, and subsequently implemented on the 8080, the 6800 and the Z80.

All earlier Forth systems were custom-made, usually by Charles Moore, who discovered (as he puts it) Forth during the late 60s. The first full Forth existed in 1971.

A part of the information in this section comes from The Evolution of Forth by Elizabeth D. Rather, Donald R. Colburn and Charles H. Moore, presented at the HOPL-II conference and preprinted in SIGPLAN Notices 28(3), 1993. You can find more historical and genealogical information about Forth there.

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