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Gforth Manual

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B.1 Authors and Contributors

The Gforth project was started in mid-1992 by Bernd Paysan and Anton Ertl. The third major author was Jens Wilke. Neal Crook contributed a lot to the manual. Assemblers and disassemblers were contributed by Andrew McKewan, Christian Pirker, and Bernd Thallner. Lennart Benschop (who was one of Gforth's first users, in mid-1993) and Stuart Ramsden inspired us with their continuous feedback. Lennart Benshop contributed `glosgen.fs', while Stuart Ramsden has been working on automatic support for calling C libraries. Helpful comments also came from Paul Kleinrubatscher, Christian Pirker, Dirk Zoller, Marcel Hendrix, John Wavrik, Barrie Stott, Marc de Groot, Jorge Acerada, Bruce Hoyt, and Robert Epprecht. Since the release of Gforth-0.2.1 there were also helpful comments from many others; thank you all, sorry for not listing you here (but digging through my mailbox to extract your names is on my to-do list).

Gforth also owes a lot to the authors of the tools we used (GCC, CVS, and autoconf, among others), and to the creators of the Internet: Gforth was developed across the Internet, and its authors did not meet physically for the first 4 years of development.

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