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8.10.2 Ambiguous conditions

deleting the compilation word list (FORGET):
Not implemented (yet).

fewer than u+1 items on the control-flow stack (CS-PICK, CS-ROLL):
This typically results in an abort" with a descriptive error message (may change into a -22 throw (Control structure mismatch) in the future). You may also get a memory access error. If you are unlucky, this ambiguous condition is not caught.

name can't be found (FORGET):
Not implemented (yet).

name not defined via CREATE:
;CODE behaves like DOES> in this respect, i.e., it changes the execution semantics of the last defined word no matter how it was defined.

POSTPONE applied to [IF]:
After defining : X POSTPONE [IF] ; IMMEDIATE. X is equivalent to [IF].

reaching the end of the input source before matching [ELSE] or [THEN]:
Continue in the same state of conditional compilation in the next outer input source. Currently there is no warning to the user about this.

removing a needed definition (FORGET):
Not implemented (yet).

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