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Gforth Manual

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8.7.1 Implementation Defined Options

format and range of floating point numbers:
System-dependent; the double type of C.

results of REPRESENT when float is out of range:
System dependent; REPRESENT is implemented using the C library function ecvt() and inherits its behaviour in this respect.

rounding or truncation of floating-point numbers:
System dependent; the rounding behaviour is inherited from the hosting C compiler. IEEE-FP-based (i.e., most) systems by default round to nearest, and break ties by rounding to even (i.e., such that the last bit of the mantissa is 0).

size of floating-point stack:
s" FLOATING-STACK" environment? drop . gives the total size of the floating-point stack (in floats). You can specify this on startup with the command-line option -f (see section 2.1 Invoking Gforth).

width of floating-point stack:
1 floats.

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