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5.16.2 General files

Files are opened/created by name and type. The following file access methods (FAMs) are recognised:

doc-r/o doc-r/w doc-w/o doc-bin

When a file is opened/created, it returns a file identifier, wfileid that is used for all other file commands. All file commands also return a status value, wior, that is 0 for a successful operation and an implementation-defined non-zero value in the case of an error.

doc-open-file doc-create-file

doc-close-file doc-delete-file doc-rename-file doc-read-file doc-read-line doc-write-file doc-write-line doc-emit-file doc-flush-file

doc-file-status doc-file-position doc-reposition-file doc-file-size doc-resize-file

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