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GNU gettext utilities

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7.3.3 Message selection

  [-N sourcefile]... [-M domainname]...
  [-K msgid-pattern] [-T msgstr-pattern] [-C comment-pattern]

A message is selected if

When more than one selection criterion is specified, the set of selected messages is the union of the selected messages of each criterion.

msgid-pattern or msgstr-pattern syntax:
  [-E | -F] [-e pattern | -f file]...
patterns are basic regular expressions by default, or extended regular expressions if -E is given, or fixed strings if -F is given.

`-N sourcefile'
Select messages extracted from sourcefile. sourcefile can be either a literal file name or a wildcard pattern.

`-M domainname'
Select messages belonging to domain domainname.

Start of patterns for the msgid.

Start of patterns for the msgstr.

Specify that pattern is an extended regular expression.

Specify that pattern is a set of newline-separated strings.

`-e pattern'
Use pattern as a regular expression.

`-f file'
Obtain pattern from file.

Ignore case distinctions.

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