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GNU gettext utilities

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4.1.5 Language=C/C++ specific options

Extract all strings.

`-k keywordspec'
Additional keyword to be looked for (without keywordspec means not to use default keywords).

If keywordspec is a C identifer id, xgettext looks for strings in the first argument of each call to the function or macro id. If keywordspec is of the form `id:argnum', xgettext looks for strings in the argnumth argument of the call. If keywordspec is of the form `id:argnum1,argnum2', xgettext looks for strings in the argnum1st argument and in the argnum2nd argument of the call, and treats them as singular/plural variants for a message with plural handling.

The default keyword specifications, which are always looked for if not explicitly disabled, are gettext, dgettext:2, dcgettext:2, ngettext:1,2, dngettext:2,3, dcngettext:2,3, and gettext_noop.

Understand ANSI C trigraphs for input.

Use the flags c-format and possible-c-format to show who was responsible for marking a message as a format string. The latter form is used if the xgettext program decided, the format form is used if the programmer prescribed it.

By default only the c-format form is used. The translator should not have to care about these details.

This implementation of xgettext is able to process a few awkward cases, like strings in preprocessor macros, ANSI concatenation of adjacent strings, and escaped end of lines for continued strings.

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