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GNU gettext utilities

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Program Index

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Index Entry Section

autopoint12.6.3 Invoking the autopoint Program

gettext13.5.2 sh - Shell Script
gettext13.5.3 bash - Bourne-Again Shell Script
gettextize12.3 Invoking the gettextize Program

msgattrib7.8 Invoking the msgattrib Program
msgcat7.1 Invoking the msgcat Program
msgcmp7.7 Invoking the msgcmp Program
msgcomm7.6 Invoking the msgcomm Program
msgconv7.2 Invoking the msgconv Program
msgen7.9 Invoking the msgen Program
msgexec7.10 Invoking the msgexec Program
msgfilter7.4 Invoking the msgfilter Program
msgfmt8.1 Invoking the msgfmt Program
msggrep7.3 Invoking the msggrep Program
msginit5.1 Invoking the msginit Program
msgmerge6.1 Invoking the msgmerge Program
msgunfmt8.2 Invoking the msgunfmt Program
msguniq7.5 Invoking the msguniq Program

ngettext13.5.2 sh - Shell Script
ngettext13.5.3 bash - Bourne-Again Shell Script

xgettext4.1 Invoking the xgettext Program

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