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GNU gettext utilities

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14.2 Related Readings

Eugene H. Dorr (`dorre@well.com') maintains an interesting bibliography on internationalization matters, called Internationalization Reference List, which is available as:

Michael Gschwind (`mike@vlsivie.tuwien.ac.at') maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, entitled Programming for Internationalisation. This FAQ discusses writing programs which can handle different language conventions, character sets, etc.; and is applicable to all character set encodings, with particular emphasis on ISO 8859-1. It is regularly published in Usenet groups `comp.unix.questions', `comp.std.internat', `comp.software.international', `comp.lang.c', `comp.windows.x', `comp.std.c', `comp.answers' and `news.answers'. The home location of this document is:

Patrick D'Cruze (`pdcruze@li.org') wrote a tutorial about NLS matters, and Jochen Hein (`Hein@student.tu-clausthal.de') took over the responsibility of maintaining it. It may be found as:
This site is mirrored in:

A French version of the same tutorial should be findable at:
together with French translations of many Linux-related documents.

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