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GNU gettext utilities

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Display this help and exit.

Output version information and exit.

autopoint supports the GNU gettext versions from 0.10.35 to the current one, 0.11.5. In order to apply autopoint to a package using a gettext version newer than 0.11.5, you need to install this same version of GNU gettext at least.

In packages using GNU automake, an invocation of autopoint should be followed by invocations of aclocal and then autoconf and autoheader. The reason is that autopoint installs some autoconf macro files, which are used by aclocal to create `aclocal.m4', and the latter is used by autoconf to create the package's `configure' script and by autoheader to create the package's `config.h.in' include file template.

The name `autopoint' is an abbreviation of `auto-po-intl-m4'; the tool copies or updates mostly files in the `po', `intl', `m4' directories.

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