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GNU gettext utilities

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12.4.9 `config.h.in' at top level

The include file template that holds the C macros to be defined by configure is usually called `config.h.in' and may be maintained either manually or automatically.

If it is maintained automatically, by use of the `autoheader' program, you need to do nothing about it. This is the case in particular if you are using GNU automake.

If it is maintained manually, and if gettextize has created an `intl/' directory, you should switch to using `autoheader'. The list of C macros to be added for the sake of the `intl/' directory is just too long to be maintained manually; it also changes between different versions of GNU gettext.

If it is maintained manually, and if on the other hand you have suppressed the `intl/' directory by calling gettextize without `--intl' option, then you can get away by adding the following lines to `config.h.in':

/* Define to 1 if translation of program messages to the user's
   native language is requested. */

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