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GNU gettext utilities

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12.4.7 `aclocal.m4' at top level

If you do not have an `aclocal.m4' file in your distribution, the simplest is to concatenate the files `codeset.m4', `gettext.m4', `glibc21.m4', `iconv.m4', `intdiv0.m4', `inttypes.m4', `inttypes_h.m4', `inttypes-pri.m4', `isc-posix.m4', `lcmessage.m4', `lib-ld.m4', `lib-link.m4', `lib-prefix.m4', `progtest.m4', `stdint_h.m4', `uintmax_t.m4', `ulonglong.m4' from GNU gettext's `m4/' directory into a single file. If you have suppressed the `intl/' directory, only `gettext.m4', `iconv.m4', `lib-ld.m4', `lib-link.m4', `lib-prefix.m4', `progtest.m4' need to be concatenated.

If you already have an `aclocal.m4' file, then you will have to merge the said macro files into your `aclocal.m4'. Note that if you are upgrading from a previous release of GNU gettext, you should most probably replace the macros (AM_GNU_GETTEXT, etc.), as they usually change a little from one release of GNU gettext to the next. Their contents may vary as we get more experience with strange systems out there.

If you are using GNU automake 1.5 or newer, it is enough to put these macro files into a subdirectory named `m4/' and add the line


to your top level `Makefile.am'.

These macros check for the internationalization support functions and related informations. Hopefully, once stabilized, these macros might be integrated in the standard Autoconf set, because this piece of m4 code will be the same for all projects using GNU gettext.

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