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GNU gettext utilities

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12.4.5 `config.guess', `config.sub' at top level

If you haven't suppressed the `intl/' subdirectory, you need to add the GNU `config.guess' and `config.sub' files to your distribution. They are needed because the `intl/' directory has platform dependent support for determining the locale's character encoding and therefore needs to identify the platform.

You can obtain the newest version of `config.guess' and `config.sub' from `ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/config/'. Less recent versions are also contained in the GNU automake and GNU libtool packages.

Normally, `config.guess' and `config.sub' are put at the top level of a distribution. But it is also possible to put them in a subdirectory, altogether with other configuration support files like `install-sh', `ltconfig', `ltmain.sh', `mkinstalldirs' or `missing'. All you need to do, other than moving the files, is to add the following line to your `configure.in'.


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