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GNU gettext utilities

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12.4.3 `Makefile' pieces in `po/'

The `po/' directory also has a file named `Makevars'. It can be left unmodified if your package has a single message domain and, accordingly, a single `po/' directory. Only packages which have multiple `po/' directories at different locations need to adjust the three variables defined in `Makevars'.

`po/Makevars' gets inserted into the `po/Makefile' when the latter is created. At the same time, all files called `Rules-*' in the `po/' directory get appended to the `po/Makefile'. They present an opportunity to add rules for special PO files to the Makefile, without needing to mess with `po/Makefile.in.in'.

GNU gettext comes with a `Rules-quot' file, containing rules for building catalogs `en@quot.po' and `en@boldquot.po'. The effect of `en@quot.po' is that people who set their LANGUAGE environment variable to `en@quot' will get messages with proper looking symmetric Unicode quotation marks instead of abusing the ASCII grave accent and the ASCII apostrophe for indicating quotations. To enable this catalog, simply add en@quot to the `po/LINGUAS' file. The effect of `en@boldquot.po' is that people who set LANGUAGE to `en@boldquot' will get not only proper quotation marks, but also the quoted text will be shown in a bold font on terminals and consoles. This catalog is useful only for command-line programs, not GUI programs. To enable it, similarly add en@boldquot to the `po/LINGUAS' file.

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