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GNU gettext utilities

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9.1 The Current `ABOUT-NLS' Matrix

Languages are not equally supported in all packages using GNU gettext. To know if some package uses GNU gettext, one may check the distribution for the `ABOUT-NLS' information file, for some `ll.po' files, often kept together into some `po/' directory, or for an `intl/' directory. Internationalized packages have usually many `ll.po' files, where ll represents the language. 9.3 Magic for End Users for a complete description of the format for ll.

More generally, a matrix is available for showing the current state of the Translation Project, listing which packages are prepared for multi-lingual messages, and which languages are supported by each. Because this information changes often, this matrix is not kept within this GNU gettext manual. This information is often found in file `ABOUT-NLS' from various distributions, but is also as old as the distribution itself. A recent copy of this `ABOUT-NLS' file, containing up-to-date information, should generally be found on the Translation Project sites, and also on most GNU archive sites.

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