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GNU gettext utilities

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7.9.3 Output details

Always write an output file even if it contains no message.

Write the .po file using indented style.

Do not write `#: filename:line' lines.

Generate `#: filename:line' lines (default).

Write out a strict Uniforum conforming PO file. Note that this Uniforum format should be avoided because it doesn't support the GNU extensions.

`-w number'
Set the output page width. Long strings in the output files will be split across multiple lines in order to ensure that each line's width (= number of screen columns) is less or equal to the given number.

Do not break long message lines. Message lines whose width exceeds the output page width will not be split into several lines. Only file reference lines which are wider than the output page width will be split.

Generate sorted output. Note that using this option makes it much harder for the translator to understand each message's context.

Sort output by file location.

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