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3. List of functions.

The following is a quick list of the functions contained in the gdbm library. The include file gdbm.h, that can be included by the user, contains a definition of these functions.

#include <gdbm.h>

GDBM_FILE gdbm_open(name, block_size, flags, mode, fatal_func);
void gdbm_close(dbf);
int gdbm_store(dbf, key, content, flag);
datum gdbm_fetch(dbf, key);
int gdbm_delete(dbf, key);
datum gdbm_firstkey(dbf);
datum gdbm_nextkey(dbf, key);
int gdbm_reorganize(dbf);
void gdbm_sync(dbf);
int gdbm_exists(dbf, key);
char *gdbm_strerror(errno);
int gdbm_setopt(dbf, option, value, size);
int gdbm_fdesc(dbf);

The gdbm.h include file is often in the `/usr/local/include' directory. (The actual location of gdbm.h depends on your local installation of gdbm.)

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