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GNU dbm is a library of functions implementing a hashed database on a disk file. This manual documents GNU dbm Version 1.8.3 (gdbm). The software was written by Philip A. Nelson. This document was originally written by Pierre Gaumond from texts written by Phil.


1. Copying Conditions.  Your rights.
2. Introduction to GNU dbm.  Introduction to GNU dbm.
3. List of functions.  


4. Opening the database.  
5. Closing the database.  
6. Inserting and replacing records in the database.  
7. Searching for records in the database.  Searching records in the database.
8. Removing records from the database.  
9. Sequential access to records.  
10. Database reorganization.  
11. Database Synchronization  Insure all writes to disk have competed.
12. Error strings.  Convert internal error codes into English.
13. Seting options.  Setting internal options.
14. File Locking.  File locking.

Other topics:

15. Two useful variables.  
16. Compatibility with standard dbm and ndbm.  Compatibility with UNIX dbm and ndbm.
17. Converting dbm files to gdbm format.  Converting dbm files to gdbm format.
18. Problems and bugs.  

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