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D. Expanded Reference by Stab Type

For a full list of stab types, and cross-references to where they are described, see A. Table of Stab Types. This appendix just covers certain stabs which are not yet described in the main body of this document; eventually the information will all be in one place.

Format of an entry:

The first line is the symbol type (see `include/aout/stab.def').

The second line describes the language constructs the symbol type represents.

The third line is the stab format with the significant stab fields named and the rest NIL.

Subsequent lines expand upon the meaning and possible values for each significant stab field.

Finally, any further information.

D.1 N_PC  Pascal global symbol
D.2 N_NSYMS  Number of symbols
D.3 N_NOMAP  No DST map
D.4 N_M2C  Modula-2 compilation unit
D.5 N_BROWS  Path to .cb file for Sun source code browser
D.6 N_DEFD  GNU Modula2 definition module dependency
D.7 N_EHDECL  GNU C++ exception variable
D.8 N_MOD2  Modula2 information "for imc"
D.9 N_CATCH  GNU C++ "catch" clause
D.10 N_SSYM  Structure or union element
D.11 N_SCOPE  Modula2 scope information (Sun only)
D.12 Non-base registers on Gould systems  non-base register symbols used on Gould systems
D.13 N_LENG  Length of preceding entry

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