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A.1 Non-Stab Symbol Types

The following types are used by the linker and assembler, not by stab directives. Since this document does not attempt to describe aspects of object file format other than the debugging format, no details are given.

0x0 N_UNDF
Undefined symbol

0x2 N_ABS
File scope absolute symbol

0x3 N_ABS | N_EXT
External absolute symbol

0x4 N_TEXT
File scope text symbol

0x5 N_TEXT | N_EXT
External text symbol

0x6 N_DATA
File scope data symbol

0x7 N_DATA | N_EXT
External data symbol

0x8 N_BSS
File scope BSS symbol

0x9 N_BSS | N_EXT
External BSS symbol

0x0c N_FN_SEQ
Same as N_FN, for Sequent compilers

0x0a N_INDR
Symbol is indirected to another symbol

0x12 N_COMM
Common--visible after shared library dynamic link

0x14 N_SETA
0x15 N_SETA | N_EXT
Absolute set element

0x16 N_SETT
0x17 N_SETT | N_EXT
Text segment set element

0x18 N_SETD
0x19 N_SETD | N_EXT
Data segment set element

0x1a N_SETB
0x1b N_SETB | N_EXT
BSS segment set element

0x1c N_SETV
0x1d N_SETV | N_EXT
Pointer to set vector

Print a warning message during linking

0x1f N_FN
File name of a `.o' file

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