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This document describes the stabs debugging format.

1. Overview of Stabs  Overview of stabs
2. Encoding the Structure of the Program  Encoding of the structure of the program
3. Constants  
4. Variables  
5. Defining Types  Type definitions
6. Symbol Information in Symbol Tables  Symbol information in symbol tables
7. GNU C++ Stabs  Stabs specific to C++
A. Table of Stab Types  Symbol types in a.out files
B. Table of Symbol Descriptors  Table of symbol descriptors
C. Table of Type Descriptors  Table of type descriptors
D. Expanded Reference by Stab Type  Reference information by stab type
E. Questions and Anomalies  Questions and anomalies
F. Using Stabs in Their Own Sections  In some object file formats, stabs are in sections.
Symbol Types Index  Index of symbolic stab symbol type names.

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