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Debugging with GDB

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C. Maintenance Commands

In addition to commands intended for GDB users, GDB includes a number of commands intended for GDB developers. These commands are provided here for reference.

maint info breakpoints
Using the same format as `info breakpoints', display both the breakpoints you've set explicitly, and those GDB is using for internal purposes. Internal breakpoints are shown with negative breakpoint numbers. The type column identifies what kind of breakpoint is shown:

Normal, explicitly set breakpoint.

Normal, explicitly set watchpoint.

Internal breakpoint, used to handle correctly stepping through longjmp calls.

longjmp resume
Internal breakpoint at the target of a longjmp.

Temporary internal breakpoint used by the GDB until command.

Temporary internal breakpoint used by the GDB finish command.

shlib events
Shared library events.

maint print registers
maint print raw-registers
maint print cooked-registers
Print GDB's internal register data structures.

The command `maint print raw-registers' includes the contents of the raw register cache; and the command `maint print cooked-registers' includes the (cooked) value of all registers. See section `Registers' in GDB Internals.

Takes an optional file parameter.

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