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Debugging with GDB

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26.4 Bindable Readline Commands

26.4.1 Commands For Moving  Moving about the line.
26.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History  Getting at previous lines.
26.4.3 Commands For Changing Text  Commands for changing text.
26.4.4 Killing And Yanking  Commands for killing and yanking.
26.4.5 Specifying Numeric Arguments  Specifying numeric arguments, repeat counts.
26.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You  Getting Readline to do the typing for you.
26.4.7 Keyboard Macros  Saving and re-executing typed characters
26.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands  Other miscellaneous commands.

This section describes Readline commands that may be bound to key sequences.

Command names without an accompanying key sequence are unbound by default. In the following descriptions, point refers to the current cursor position, and mark refers to a cursor position saved by the set-mark command. The text between the point and mark is referred to as the region.

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