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Debugging with GDB

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18.3.6 M68k

The Motorola m68k configuration includes ColdFire support, and target command for the following ROM monitors.

target abug dev
ABug ROM monitor for M68K.

target cpu32bug dev
CPU32BUG monitor, running on a CPU32 (M68K) board.

target dbug dev
dBUG ROM monitor for Motorola ColdFire.

target est dev
EST-300 ICE monitor, running on a CPU32 (M68K) board.

target rom68k dev
ROM 68K monitor, running on an M68K IDP board.

If GDB is configured with m68*-ericsson-*, it will instead have only a single special target command:

target es1800 dev
ES-1800 emulator for M68K.


target rombug dev
ROMBUG ROM monitor for OS/9000.

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