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Debugging with GDB

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16.5 Kernel Object Display

Some targets support kernel object display. Using this facility, GDB communicates specially with the underlying operating system and can display information about operating system-level objects such as mutexes and other synchronization objects. Exactly which objects can be displayed is determined on a per-OS basis.

Use the set os command to set the operating system. This tells GDB which kernel object display module to initialize:

(gdb) set os cisco

If set os succeeds, GDB will display some information about the operating system, and will create a new info command which can be used to query the target. The info command is named after the operating system:

(gdb) info cisco
List of Cisco Kernel Objects
Object     Description
any        Any and all objects

Further subcommands can be used to query about particular objects known by the kernel.

There is currently no way to determine whether a given operating system is supported other than to try it.

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