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1. Annotations

This chapter describes annotations in . Annotations are designed to interface to graphical user interfaces or other similar programs which want to interact with at a relatively high level.

1.1 What is an Annotation?  What annotations are; the general syntax.
1.2 The Server Prefix  Issuing a command without affecting user state.
1.3 Values  Values are marked as such.
1.4 Frames  Stack frames are annotated.
1.5 Displays  can be told to display something periodically.
1.6 Annotation for Input  Annotations marking 's need for input.
1.7 Errors  Annotations for error messages.
1.8 Information on Breakpoints  Information on breakpoints.
1.9 Invalidation Notices  Some annotations describe things now invalid.
1.10 Running the Program  Whether the program is running, how it stopped, etc.
1.11 Displaying Source  Annotations describing source code.
1.12 Annotations We Might Want in the Future  Annotations which might be added in the future.

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