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Cascade Entries

A cascade entry is one with an associated menu (determined by the :menu option). Cascade entries allow the construction of cascading menus. When the entry is activated, the associated menu is posted just to the right of the entry; that menu remains posted until the higher-level menu is unposted or until some other entry is activated in the higher-level menu. The associated menu should normally be a child of the menu containing the cascade entry, in order for menu traversal to work correctly.

A cascade entry posts its associated menu by invoking a Tcl command of the form

menu :post x y

where menu is the path name of the associated menu, x and y are the root-window coordinates of the upper-right corner of the cascade entry, and group is the name of the menu's group (as determined in its last post widget command). The lower-level menu is unposted by executing a Tcl command with the form

where menu is the name of the associated menu.

If a :command option is specified for a cascade entry then it is evaluated as a Tcl command each time the associated menu is posted (the evaluation occurs before the menu is posted).

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