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Radio-Button Entries

A radio-button menu entry behaves much like a radio-button widget. Radio-button entries are organized in groups of which only one entry may be selected at a time. Whenever a particular entry becomes selected it stores a particular value into a particular global variable (as determined by the :value and :variable options for the entry). This action causes any previously-selected entry in the same group to deselect itself. Once an entry has become selected, any change to the entry's associated variable will cause the entry to deselect itself. Grouping of radio-button entries is determined by their associated variables: if two entries have the same associated variable then they are in the same group. A selector diamond is displayed to the left of the label in each radio-button entry. If the entry is selected then the diamond's center is displayed in the color given by the selector option for the menu; otherwise the diamond's center is displayed in the background color for the menu. If a :command option is specified for a radio-button entry, then its value is evaluated as a Tcl command each time the entry is invoked; this happens after selecting the entry.

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