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Check-Button Entries

A check-button menu entry behaves much like a check-button widget. When it is invoked it toggles back and forth between the selected and deselected states. When the entry is selected, a particular value is stored in a particular global variable (as determined by the :onvalue and :variable options for the entry); when the entry is deselected another value (determined by the :offvalue option) is stored in the global variable. A selector box is displayed to the left of the label in a check-button entry. If the entry is selected then the box's center is displayed in the color given by the selector option for the menu; otherwise the box's center is displayed in the background color for the menu. If a :command option is specified for a check-button entry, then its value is evaluated as a Tcl command each time the entry is invoked; this happens after toggling the entry's selected state.

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