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The menu command creates a new top-level window (given by the pathName argument) and makes it into a menu widget. Additional options, described above, may be specified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the menu such as its colors and font. The menu command returns its pathName argument. At the time this command is invoked, there must not exist a window named pathName, but pathName's parent must exist.

A menu is a widget that displays a collection of one-line entries arranged in a column. There exist several different types of entries, each with different properties. Entries of different types may be combined in a single menu. Menu entries are not the same as entry widgets. In fact, menu entries are not even distinct widgets; the entire menu is one widget.

Menu entries are displayed with up to three separate fields. The main field is a label in the form of text or a bitmap, which is determined by the :label or :bitmap option for the entry. If the :accelerator option is specified for an entry then a second textual field is displayed to the right of the label. The accelerator typically describes a keystroke sequence that may be typed in the application to cause the same result as invoking the menu entry. The third field is a selector. The selector is present only for check-button or radio-button entries. It indicates whether the entry is selected or not, and is displayed to the left of the entry's string.

In normal use, an entry becomes active (displays itself differently) whenever the mouse pointer is over the entry. If a mouse button is released over the entry then the entry is invoked. The effect of invocation is different for each type of entry; these effects are described below in the sections on individual entries.

Entries may be disabled, which causes their labels and accelerators to be displayed with dimmer colors. A disabled entry cannot be activated or invoked. Disabled entries may be re-enabled, at which point it becomes possible to activate and invoke them again.

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