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Text Items

A text item displays a string of characters on the screen in one or more lines. Text items support indexing and selection, along with the following text-related canvas widget commands: dchars, focus, icursor, index, insert, select. Text items are created with widget commands of the following form:

pathName :create text x y ?option value option value ...?

The arguments x and y specify the coordinates of a point used to position the text on the display (see the options below for more information on how text is displayed). After the coordinates there may be any number of option-value pairs, each of which sets one of the configuration options for the item. These same option\-value pairs may be used in itemconfigure widget commands to change the item's configuration. The following options are supported for text items:

:anchor anchorPos
AnchorPos tells how to position the text relative to the positioning point for the text; it may have any of the forms accepted by Tk_GetAnchor. For example, if anchorPos is center then the text is centered on the point; if anchorPos is n then the text will be drawn such that the top center point of the rectangular region occupied by the text will be at the positioning point. This option defaults to center.
:fill color
Color specifies a color to use for filling the text characters; it may have any of the forms accepted by Tk_GetColor. If this option isn't specified then it defaults to black.
:font fontName
Specifies the font to use for the text item. FontName may be any string acceptable to Tk_GetFontStruct. If this option isn't specified, it defaults to a system-dependent font.
:justify how
Specifies how to justify the text within its bounding region. How must be one of the values left, right, or center. This option will only matter if the text is displayed as multiple lines. If the option is omitted, it defaults to left.
:stipple bitmap
Indicates that the text should be drawn in a stippled pattern rather than solid; bitmap specifies the stipple pattern to use, in any of the forms accepted by Tk_GetBitmap. If bitmap is an empty string (the default) then the text is drawn in a solid fashion.
:tags tagList
Specifies a set of tags to apply to the item. TagList consists of a list of tag names, which replace any existing tags for the item. TagList may be an empty list.
:text string
String specifies the characters to be displayed in the text item. Newline characters cause line breaks. The characters in the item may also be changed with the insert and delete widget commands. This option defaults to an empty string.
:width lineLength
Specifies a maximum line length for the text, in any of the forms described in the COORDINATES section abov. If this option is zero (the default) the text is broken into lines only at newline characters. However, if this option is non-zero then any line that would be longer than lineLength is broken just before a space character to make the line shorter than lineLength; the space character is treated as if it were a newline character.

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