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Polygon Items

Items of type polygon appear as polygonal or curved filled regions on the display. Polygons are created with widget commands of the following form:

pathName :create polygon x1 y1 ... xn yn ?option value option value ...?

The arguments x1 through yn specify the coordinates for three or more points that define a closed polygon. The first and last points may be the same; whether they are or not, Tk will draw the polygon as a closed polygon. After the coordinates there may be any number of option-value pairs, each of which sets one of the configuration options for the item. These same option\-value pairs may be used in itemconfigure widget commands to change the item's configuration. The following options are supported for polygons:

:fill color
Color specifies a color to use for filling the area of the polygon; it may have any of the forms acceptable to Tk_GetColor. If color is an empty string then the polygon will be transparent. This option defaults to black.
:smooth boolean
Boolean must have one of the forms accepted by Tk_GetBoolean It indicates whether or not the polygon should be drawn with a curved perimeter. If so, the outline of the polygon becomes a set of Bezier splines, one spline for the first and second line segments, one for the second and third, and so on. Straight-line segments can be generated in a smoothed polygon by duplicating the end-points of the desired line segment.
:splinesteps number
Specifies the degree of smoothness desired for curves: each spline will be approximated with number line segments. This option is ignored unless the :smooth option is true.
:stipple bitmap
Indicates that the polygon should be filled in a stipple pattern; bitmap specifies the stipple pattern to use, in any of the forms accepted by Tk_GetBitmap. If bitmap is an empty string (the default), then filling is done in a solid fashion.
:tags tagList
Specifies a set of tags to apply to the item. TagList consists of a list of tag names, which replace any existing tags for the item. TagList may be an empty list.

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