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"Ungridded Geometry Management"

Tk allows the geometry of a top-level window to be managed in either of two general ways: ungridded or gridded. The ungridded form occurs if no wm :grid command has been issued for a top-level window. Ungridded management has several variants. In the simplest variant of ungridded windows, no wm :geometry, wm :minsize, or wm :maxsize commands have been invoked either. In this case, the window's size is determined totally by the internal requests emanating from the widgets inside the window: Tk will ask the window manager not to permit the user to resize the window interactively.

If a wm :geometry command is invoked on an ungridded window, then the size in that command overrides any size requested by the window's widgets; from now on, the window's size will be determined entirely by the most recent information from wm :geometry commands. To go back to using the size requested by the window's widgets, issue a wm :geometry command with an empty geometry string.

To enable interactive resizing of an ungridded window, one or both of the wm :maxsize and wm :minsize commands must be issued. The information from these commands will be passed to the window manager, and size changes within the specified range will be permitted. For ungridded windows the limits refer to the top-level window's dimensions in pixels. If only a wm :maxsize command is issued then the minimum dimensions default to 1; if only a wm :minsize command is issued then the maximum dimensions default to the size of the display. If the size of a window is changed interactively, it has the same effect as if wm :geometry had been invoked: from now on, internal geometry requests will be ignored. To return to internal control over the window's size, issue a wm :geometry command with an empty geometry argument. If a window has been manually resized or moved, the wm :geometry command will return the geometry that was requested interactively.

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